My Story

Hi!  My name is Erica Duncan and I'm thrilled that you've visited my page!! I look forward to helping you! I started my journey with the Scentsy Family in January of 2014.  I had no idea that joining Scentsy would be such a life changing adventure.  From growing a new amazing family in my Scentsy Sisters to the freedom that has come with owning and running my own business, I am so thankful for the opportunities Scentsy has provided me.  In less than three years Scentsy has completely transformed my life and given me the confidence not only reach for my own dreams, but help others go after theirs too.  In 2016 I earned my first all expense paid trip with Scentsy just from doing something I love and I'm currently working towards earning another one that will give my husband the opportunity to re-honeymoon even better than the first time. Whether you're looking for products, to host a party, or to join my team and take this amazing journey with me I'd love to talk to you.  I promise this will be an adventure you won't regret! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page!  I look forward to helping you in any way I can!